Stop Allowing The Republican Party to Use Your religion to Manipulate Your Vote

Over and over again, post after post, I am constantly seeing Republicans trying to manipulate how people vote based on religion. The Republican Party has snagged it’s claim as the “Christian” party, but that’s just not the truth. Democrats can also be Christian too. The constant lies told by the other party about Democrats not being believers and such is just so very far-fetched. Election after election, the Republican party has worked tirelessly to steal the votes of the church on the sole issue of abortion. If you’ve read my other posts, you know my stance on it, but just to reiterate, I am not pro-abortion. I am pro-life, but I choose to not vote on this one single issue… especially when there are so many other things at stake.

I don’t know the man personally, but from everything I’ve heard him say, every behavior he has publicly displayed, I have very low confidence that this man is actually a Christian. Anyone can claim to love God, or be a believer, but your life should also be a reflection of that. NOTHING I have seen from Donald Trump has been a reflection of Jesus. That though, is something that God himself will deal with in his timing.

What is so very frustrating and disheartening is how so many believers are praising this man for his Godly values… claiming he is Godsent and will save our nation. Donald Trump is no savior. That would be Jesus. So stop acting like it. He has lied constantly, separated children from their families, cheated in the first election, is attempting to do it again by suppressing the vote, demolishing the United States Postal System, he’s divided the nation against itself, sat idly by while downplaying a deadly virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans, praised dictators, has lightly tossed out the idea of running for an unconstitutional 3rd term, and so much more it would be an entire essay if I continued.

Nothing he has done has been a representation of Jesus or his teachings. This man is a fraud, and has been trying to use religion to manipulate and guilt Christians into voting for him. There are so many more things at stake in this election including the integrity of our country and the importance of upholding the Constitution.

The Republican party has lacked integrity for so long and it’s so sad to see what they are allowing to happen to our nation. They are more concerned with winning, than playing by the rules of ethics and morality. Don’t be blinded by a lie that they are the “Christian” party when they lack the conviction to do what is right.

I’m tired of people playing the “holier than though” card. As a Christian, I try my best to walk and live out a standard of righteousness with my words and actions and the way I conduct myself. I also want that for our nation’s leaders and that is why I choose not to vote for Trump. The disrespect and condescending attitude of others who consider themselves religious when disagreeing with my values and beliefs can be quite disappointing to say the least.

Our allegiance should never be to one person, political party or even religion. As a believer in Jesus, our allegiance should be to him and to him alone. All the other things can be flawed and influenced by our sinful nature as human beings. Whoever you vote for, let your vote be based on your own convictions. Don’t let someone tell you that you are ungodly or un-Christian because you voted differently than them. We all have to account for our actions one day, and God judges each person based on what’s in their hearts, and only he can truly see that.

My prayer today is that God would pluck out the wicked that are in our government and that he would raise up righteous and God-fearing leaders that would hold up our nation with a sense of integrity and morality that we have been lacking with this last administration. I pray that there would be repentance and remorse for the things that have been committed, and that the evil that has been done in darkness will be exposed and dealt with for what it is.

By Tina

Tina is a mother of 3 who lives in Texas with her wonderful husband, daughter, and 2 sons, 2 dogs Homer and Bailey, cat Caboodles, and a bunch of goldfish. She loves Jesus, animals, kids, and serving in the community.

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