The Lie They Keep Believing

     What the hell did we just watch unfold yesterday? The world watched in shock as the capitol was stormed by Trump supporters who did so at the very command of our very own president.  We were all shocked.  Surprised?  We shouldn’t be.  This moment has been building up over the last 4 years when Trump originally never agreed to conceding if he lost to Hillary.  He has been building up the conspiracy that this election would be rigged before the election even happened.  There was never a scenario in which he lost fair and square.  This man will never admit defeat.  He will never admit that he’s wrong.  Because that’s who Donald Trump is and he’s convinced so many of his blind followers that his lies are truth. 

I am so sickened at the actions of some of my fellow Americans yesterday.  It was embarrassing to be an American.  To watch as Trump literally tried to overthrow or government was scary to say the least.  It took a literal attempt to become a dictator for many of his loyal followers to finally start distancing themselves from him.  The smart ones at least. They are realizing this is a moment that will go down in history as a shameful time for our country and they are definitely not on the good side. 

And then you have those who still can’t acknowledge that what happened yesterday was the direct actions of the president.  And those who say “well those weren’t actual Trump supporters who stormed the building.” “It was Antifa trying to impersonate Trump supporters.”  My sweet delusional friends… I pity you.  You have believed the lies of this man for so long that you cannot fathom that you got played.  He literally held a rally in which he told his followers to march to the capitol.  He has constantly made false claims about a stolen election and how they need to “keep fighting.” His followers and their pathetic militia followed his orders.  He let them do his dirty work.  And guess what?  People died because of it.  People died to defend the honor of an honorless, self-serving, pathetic, evil human being.  And guess what else?  He doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about those people, or their families who now have to grieve the unnecessary lost life of a loved one for the sake of NOTHING.  For the sake of a man who will never know or acknowledge their lives even existed.  Don’t forget the law enforcement officers and others who were injured trying to protect the very democracy our nation was built on.  You want to pretend to be pro-law enforcement, but then can’t even condemn the actions of those hurting and fighting with them yesterday.  Your hypocrisy is showing. 

One of the hardest things for human beings to admit is when we are wrong or when we make mistakes.  It’s like it’s built into our DNA.  Nobody enjoys admitting their misdoings, or mistakes.  Nobody enjoys being wrong.  As a Christian, that is such a huge thing.  Our salvation is built on the fact that we are humans.  We are going to mess up.  We are going to do stupid, evil, unkind, unwise and at times hurtful things.  Sometimes these things are intentional sometimes they are not.  BUT Jesus.  Jesus came to forgive us from all these things.  And why? Because he knows that we are going to screw things up over and over and over again and that’s ok.  But what does he require of us?  Admitting that we’ve sinned.  Admitting that we need to be saved from our sins and we can’t do it on our own.  For those Christians who are still supporting this man.  It’s time to acknowledge that what he is doing is wrong.  It’s time to denounce his behavior and call it out for what it is… sinful. 

For years, I’ve watched many of my Christian friends support this man.  They have portrayed him as a godly man, who desires nothing more than to save our nation and make it great.  Nothing about what has happened over the past four years is great.  It’s shameful.  And when we as Christians start confusing evil with good, what kind of witness are we being to the world around us? I’ve seen pastors endorse Trump.  Now? Radio silence… How can you still support him after what unfolded yesterday.  The world is watching.  The lost are watching.  And as a nation that claims to be built on Biblical principles, our integrity and morals are on trial.  But there’s good news.  There is an opportunity for redemption for our nation.  Being a person of integrity and morals, you can still stand up and admit that maybe you were wrong.  Maybe the lies you have allowed yourself to believe over the years are in fact lies.   What a witness it could be to show your neighbor that you, as a Christian are capable of being wrong, and admitting it. 

There is so much healing to be done in our nation.  Trump has sewn hate and discord for many years and our nation is so divided.  Friendships have ended.  Family members have stopped speaking to each other.  Why? Because we’ve been taught to hate.  We’ve allowed it to be who we are and how we function.  We’ve been made to believe that one side is better than the other.  That the other side is the enemy.  Well let me tell you… the enemy is sitting back and smiling at the work that he’s done.  The work that we’ve allowed. I’m sure he’s proud.  It’s time for repentance America.  It’s time for confession.  It’s time we have the humility and integrity to admit that we are human and we make mistakes.  Having Donald Trump as our leader was a mistake and I hope as a nation we can learn to see that.  We can heal from this.  We can repent from this.  We can move forward and start rebuilding what has been broken.  Jesus help us because we can’t do it on our own. 

By Tina

Tina is a mother of 3 who lives in Texas with her wonderful husband, daughter, and 2 sons, 2 dogs Homer and Bailey, cat Caboodles, and a bunch of goldfish. She loves Jesus, animals, kids, and serving in the community.

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